7 Chakra Meditation
Guided meditation

Join Maeve for this beautiful journey through the 7 chakras. Maeve will guide you all the way from start to finish as you consciously visit each chakra. This is a great meditation to feel more balanced, centred and present, as well as learn about the chakra system.
Mindfulness yoga sequence

Mindfulness sequence
Asana class

Roll out your mat and join Lalit for this 30-minute mindful yoga class. It's the perfect practice to help you unwind and release any tension you're holding on to.
Mindfulness yoga sequence

Jumping forward
Ashtanga Foundations

One of the foundational movements of Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga is the jump forward. Join Lalit for this short practice to improve your technique.

Jumping through
Ashtanga Foundations

Join Lalit for this short drill designed to build the strength needed for jumping through. Use this short drill before our yoga practice or as repetitions.

Standing drop backs

Deepen your backbends by practicing this simple against-the-wall technique. Use this short practice to compliment your regular backbend practice.

Shoulder opening

Grap a belt and jump into this fun lesson with Lalit that's the perfect few minutes to add to your regular asana practice to open your shoulders.

Fire up your transverse abdominis

Yoga Anatomy

Jump into this short experiential Yoga Anatomy lesson with Adam and learn how to fire up your transverse abdominis, a set of key stabilising muscles in your core.